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"The love of beauty is taste.  The creation of beauty is art."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Carmen Marie, a Chicago native, created Carmen Marie Hair with this mantra in mind.  With a focus on enhancing the individual beauty of each client, building the beauty industry as a true business and using an artistic approach to creation, Carmen continually produces results that her clients love!  With the highest level of professionalism as her first priority, Carmen focuses on healthy hair for each individual, servicing a multicultural clientele, enhancing unique beauty and educating each client on the best services tailored to them. 


"I have always loved doing hair and I find that it provides me with the platform to help others reach inside themselves, find their own confidence and beauty, and exude it on the outside. I simply enhance the process using my creative approach to individualistic hair styling.  While the love of beauty can be referred to as taste, I find that the creation of beauty truly is an art."  

Carmen currently serves her clientele in one of Chicago's most vibrant neighborhoods, within the luxury salon suites at Sola Salon Studios, Hyde Park. 

Carmen Marie Hair Salon is a multicultural hair salon that services a clientele with a wide variety of hair textures.  A boutique space with a homey feel, each client is invited to relax, unwind and allow us to cater to you.  

Considering becoming a CMH client? Contact Us to set up a complimentary consultation and let's create a blueprint specifically tailored to you!

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